This concentrated product contains Alpine Rose Extract processed by exclusive Stem Cell Technology innovation to provide high facial skin protection as well as to rejuvenate skin leaving radiant effect while reducing lines and wrinkles and significantly improving skin’s visible firmness, flexibility and health. Featured Hyaluronic Acid also keep the skin hydrated providing a smoother and younger look together with Tranexamic Acid and Alpha Arbutin that help reduce dark spots, blemishes and dullness, healthy and youthful one.
What’s SYN®-AKE ? Syn®-Ake is a tripeptide amino, a small particle mimicking functions of Waglerin 1 which is a polypeptide found in snake venom. The experiment found that Syn®-Ake, produced by Pentapharm, Switzerland, can effectively reduces wrinkles caused by a contraction of muscles to smooth skin. How SYN®-AKE helps? Syn®-Ake is accordingly developed to smooth and tighten facial skin, conceal wrinkles and effectively restrain muscle tensions, the major causes of wrinkles, by relaxing the muscles to reduce the causes of wrinkles and deep lines. Besides, with the power of Tri-peptide extracts which have small molecules, they can directly improve and nourish your facial skin, absorbing quickly without leaving any grease. Those are the origin of ENCHARIS Syn-Ake, a miracle of facial lifting in one step with proper ingredients (no need to rely on surgeries) and 5 outstanding properties.
Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, known as the most beautiful women in the human history. She loved herself and also knew how to apply the beauty secret back then. Therefore, Encharis well selected 2 beauty secrets to create Advanced Blemish Repair Cream. Crocodile Oil : - incredible for dry skin - helps sooth wounds and irritation - reduces skin redness Pure Gold: - Reduces wrinkles, fine lines and spots. - Helps stimulating skin cells. - Reduces skin dryness. - Enhances complexion and keeps skin youthful. “CLEOPATRA'S BEAUTY SECRET FOR BEAUTY SKIN”
The first bird's nests or Guanyan are the premium nests harvested in March. They are the first nests of each year and also the richest consisting of white, clean and big fibres, considered the best nests. Therefore, they were chosen to be the main ingredient of ENCHARIS Birdnest Collection which not only benefit fully for the skin but also help to brighten, lift, smooth, firm the skin while making it look younger.
The miracle of snail mucin, originated in Chile, accepted by researchers around the world, was first discovered by workers in a snail farm delivering snails to French restaurants everyday. They found out that their hands became pleasingly smoother and softer. Encharis combines snail mucin extracts with other skin beneficial ingredients to create for brighter skin, inflammatory acne prevention, and smoother skin. As a result, makeup applying gets easier.
Goat Milk has been used since ancient times as natural cleanser. It is one of the finest moisturizers and has excellent emollient properties. Goat Milk contains vitamin A, B6, B12, D, C and amino acid. Vitamin A is extremely important in a skincare product, it reduces wrinkles and increases blood flow to the skin surface. Amino Acid is rich in antioxidants which help stimulating healthy skin cells. ENCHARIS then combines goat milk extracts with these skin beneficial ingredients to create “Milky collection.”